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The factory presentation covers the recovery of tin ore to completion of the final product in our company, as we have for over 100 years. There is the option to have coffee / tea / juice and / or pastries.

When visiting the workshop you will learn how the products are manufactured.

Here you can pour a spoonful of tin yourself.

Target Group / Features

Groups up to 50 people.

Also suitable for people with mild mental and/or physical disabilities *.

The maximum group size for children from 7 to 10 years is 25. Of course, you may take the self-cast pewter spoon with you. You can also acquire finished products. While you pour the tin, pictures are taken, which you can take with you.

Duration of the visit

The visit of a group of up to 25 people takes about 1.5 hours. For larger groups, about 2 hours without casting.

It takes about 2 minutes per person to pour a spoonful of tin. If 5 people in a group want to pour  tin, this has little effect on the duration of the workshop visit.

Price for each person*

Company Visit


Coffee / Tea

2nd Cup Coffee/Tea

€ 2,00
€ 1,00

each glass (250ml)

From € 1,50


€ 2,00

Deluxery Pie

€ 3,00

Cast a spoon (incl. picture and spoon)

€ 20,00

* Please notify us in advance if wheelchairs are coming.

Visit our operation and experience the tinsmith´s craft

The Holland pewter foundry offers you a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of our handmade pewter production. The history of our company has its origins in Zwolle, where Hermannus Tollenaar opened his first pewter foundry in the Luttekestraat in 1898. Today - 115 years later - the establishment in its third generation of Blaauboer pewterers. All our pewter products are still handmade and manually finished.

The visit to and presentation of our company are FREE. You can view the entire working process with your own eyes and - if desired - pour yourself a tin spoon in a bronze mold. To avoid disappointment, a reservation is essentially desirable. The visit to our pewter factory can be superbly combined with other attractions in the immediate area. Click in "Surrounding area" in the menu.

Make an Appointment

Appointments: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am. For groups up to 25 people the last tour with presentation will begin at 3.30 pm, for larger groups at 3.00 pm.

* Special packages for touroperators and agents. Contact us for more info.

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