Masters of Folk Arts and Crafts

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The pewter foundry is a family business in which now the third generation of pewterers is at work. Although technical innovations have continuously developed in recent years, here we still work traditionally with centuries-old bronze molds, the oldest of which dates back to 1697. In October 2014, we won the Gold Prize at the 4th International Exhibition of Crafts and Culture in Tianjin in China. This exhibition is organized by the IOV World, an association connected directly to UNESCO World Heritage.

The organization commended us for the way we represent the Netherlands, for the masterpiece Erik Blaauboer (2nd generation tinsmith) created, for the mastery of old and new techniques and the way in which the visitors were able to experience our craft, such as the opportunity to cast pewter.

Now you, too, have the opportunity to become familiar with this craft. Our new premises can cater for groups of up to 50 people. Admission is FREE. A reservation is necessary. You can reserve your place directly in the menu item "Reservation". We'll show you how to tin is produced - the way it used to be and how it is done today. You can also see how our products are manufactured. If desired, you can also partake of a cup of coffee/tea or a fresh drink with pastries. After we have guided you through our operation, we go into our workshop where you will not only learn how our products are made, but where you also have the opportunity to cast pewter. In addition to tours of our foundry, we also offer workshops for groups of up to 50 people. Our course program will follow shortly. Here you even learn to make casting molds and create your own product.

< Emma Chen Hoefler (Vice-President for Special Projects Chair, IOV China)
   is casting a spoon in a bronze mold


We’re proud to inform you that we - Ronald and Ingrid van Delden of Holland Pweter Casting - won the 2014 Golden Award given away at the 4th “International Folk Art Expo” in Tianjin, China. This exposition was organized by IOV (International Organization of Folk Art), which is directly related to the UNESCO.

We were granted the Golden Award for the master piece made by our business, the presentation at our booth (in traditional costumes) and for the way we promote our business and our country.

By winning the Golden Award, we bear as from now the international title “Masters of Folk Art and Crafts”.

Experience the craft of the Pewterer


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Our products are still cast in traditional bronze molds made in the 17th and 18th century - We offer you the opportunity to cast items by yourself - At our premises we can accommodate maximum 50 people - Free entrance - Free Parking right in front of the door - Best Global Craft 2014 - Masters of Folk Arts & Crafts - Family-run business since 1898